Ex-Model Arcuri Recalls 'Very Special Relationship' With PM Johnson During his Time as London Mayor

Nov 18, 2019

Ex-Model Arcuri Recalls 'Very Special Relationship' With PM Johnson During his Time as London Mayor

London (UK) Nov 18: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been embroiled in a controversy surrounding his ties with US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri during his tenure as Mayor of London. In September, the Sunday Times reported that Arcuri allegedly told four friends and a Tory activist that she was engaged in an affair with Boris Johnson while he was married.
US businesswoman and former model Jennifer Arcuri told ITV on Monday that she had "a very special relationship" with Prime Minister Boris Johnson while he served as mayor of London.
However, the woman declined to comment on whether her relationship with Johnson was, in fact, an affair.
"I'm not going to answer that question but as you can tell there was a very special relationship there," Arcuri said.
She also added that she tried to contact the UK Prime Minister on his mobile phone about a week ago, but shortly after he picked up the phone, it was taken "by a man who spoke with a Chinese accent".
Last week, Arcuri accused Johnson of treating her as "some one-night stand" ever since he assumed the office of the head of the UK government.
The scandal surfaced after the Sunday Times reported that Jennifer Arcuri and Boris Johnson had an intimate affair while he served as the Mayor of London and was married to his wife Mariana Wheeler.
The reports were followed by allegations that Johnson had engaged in misconduct by showing preferential treatment to Arcuri, including her in private trade talks and facilitating grants of up to £100,000 from state bodies.
Both the Prime Minister and Arcuri have repeatedly denied having any intimate relationship, and maintain that they didn't misuse public funds during trade missions she attended or on funding her startup.
Source: Sputnik