How "Unwoman" an independent movie on Jio Cinema is touching hearts of audiences and critics alike

May 29, 2024

How "Unwoman" an independent movie on Jio Cinema is touching hearts of audiences and critics alike

New Delhi [India], May 29: In the glamour of Indian cinema, the small-budget movie "Unwoman" stands out as a film delivering message beautifully and without being preachy.
Directed by Pallavi Roy Sharma, produced by Gunjan Goel, and co-written by Pallavi and Susheel Sharman, the story challenges old ideas about love and gender.
Pallavi Roy Sharma's "Unwoman" shows love in a different light, focusing on a relationship between a man and a transgender woman.
She has succeeded wonderfully on making a realistic film which also has a dose of entertainment and rustic humour.
Set in the rural landscape of Rajasthan the story revolves around Bhanwar whose lonely life changes when he meets Sanwri a transgender (Kinner) person. What starts as a transactional relationship turns into an unusual love story but then love has its own challenges. The film talks about bride-trafficking , male-female skewed ratio, LGBTQ rights and human vulnerability. UnWoman showed that even men are victims of social pressure.
Gunjan Goel, the producer, as the co-founder of Hashtag Films LLP,provided the support and resources needed to make "Unwoman." Gunjan believed in the story's power to change minds and hearts, and he worked tirelessly to ensure that the film could be made without facing financial challenges.
Susheel Sharman, who co-wrote the screenplay with Pallavi, has brought depth and authenticity to the story. Their writing captures the emotions and challenges faced by the characters, making the audience feel connected to their journey.
The main actors, Sarthak Narula as Bhanwar and Kanak Garg as Sanwri, and Bhagwan Tiwari as Bhairo delivered outstanding performances. Their chemistry on screen brings the characters to life, making the audience root for their love story. The supporting cast, including Girish Pal and Karan Maan, add depth to the narrative, making the village setting feel authentic and alive.
"Unwoman" has been praised at international film festivals and is now streaming on Jio Cinema. Critics and viewers alike appreciate its gentle storytelling. The film shows that good content can be created with the help of theatre actors and limited budget.
In the time when audiences are shouting for some original content and not remakes UnWoman on Jio Cinema can be their answer.
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